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Lies, Deceit, Kidnapping, Treason. 

When friends can't be trusted and courage becomes costly,

can Melaia and Trevin trust their love to hold?

Melaia sends Trevin into enemy territory to retrieve the third harp she needs to restore the stairway to heaven and free the angels trapped in a human world. But an assailant wants Trevin dead, an unknown traitor is passing information to the invading enemy army, and the Firstborn immortal has vowed to destroy all three harps, along with anyone who stands in his way. 

Separated, Trevin and Melaia try to keep their faith, hope, and love for each other alive. From the land of Windwing horses to the mountaintop lookouts of Stargazers, from the blight-ridden fields of the Camrithian homeland to the night-dark caverns of the Under-Realm, they face the ultimate test: What are they willing to sacrifice to restore the stairway and save their world? Will they lay aside their love for each other? Will they give up their future together?

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"Written in solid prose, with excellent physical descriptions and believable dialogue, the story zips along . . . the love between Melaia and Trevin is compelling, as is Trevin's quest and all he discovers about himself." - Publisher's Weekly

“Followers of fantasy novels will want to put Eye of the Sword at the top of their reading list. It is not to be missed.”      -- Alice D., Readers Favorite

“The writing style has a very Anee McCaffrey flavor . . . I loved this book . . . I award Eye of the Sword my highest rating.”

-- ScribblesonthebackofJanuary

“a great tale, filled with action, treachery, and great characters.”

-- Pamela, thesongsontheway

"The Eye of the Sword is so heroic, romantic and full of action that I couldn't stop reading." - Kristen,

". . . a delightful read . . . actionpacked plot . . . everything I was hoping for in a sequel." - The Book Cellar 

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“Karyn Henley’s novel starts with a jolt, grabs the reader by the collar, and doesn’t slow down one minute. This author infuses her text with imagery, suspense, and a cast that will appeal to all ages. . . . it’s destined to become a classic.” —Kathi Appelt, author of The Underneath, National Book Award finalist, Newbery Honor Book, PEN USA Award

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